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Yuura Yuura has served as a trusted member of the Kazekage advisory council for four years. Little did Yuura know that he had been placed under a memory block jutsu for over a decade. This block was placed by his former master Sasori. The block made Yuura forget that he was actually gathering data and serving as a plant to wipe out the Sand's defenses. When Sasori returned to Hidden Sand, he activated Yuura and removed the memory block. Returning to his masters commands, Yuura wiped out the Sands defenses, allowing them easier access to capture Gaara. Yuura was later used in a sacrifical jutsu to provide a host body for Uchiha Itachi to inhabit when he fought Kakashi and Naruto. Zetsu later ate his body for sustenance.
Sasori Underling (Unnamed)
Underling This Sand ninja served was an underling of Akatsuki member Sasori. He was used as a sacrifice to take on the form of Hoshigaki Kisame in Pain's Shouten no Jutsu. Kisame fought Gai and managed to imprison Neji, Lee and TenTen. Gai was forced to open several gates and used his Asakujaku technique to pummel "Kisame" and defeat him. In the rubble the body lost its appearance and revealed to Gai that they had not actually been fighting Kisame at all.
Yakushi Kabuto
Kabuto Several years before the series started, Kabuto was already working for Sasori as a spy. He last saw Sasori during this period and operated under Sasori's memory block jutsu for a period of time. Sasori placed Kabuto into Orochimaru's confidence in the hopes of learning more about Orochimaru's body transfer jutsu. However, Orochimaru removed the memory block jutsu from Kabuto and the young man was impressed enough by Orochimaru that he chose to still stand beside him. Sasori was apparently ignorant of this fact, and had scheduled a meeting with Kabuto to give him some item. Sasori was killed before this meeting and Konoha ninja went in his place and impersonated him. Kabuto went to Sasori playing the part of his loyal spy, but he turned against Sasori and planned to kill him with the help of Orochimaru. When it was revealed not to actually be Sasori, they chose to fight the Konoha ninja, including Naruto, anyway.
Bounty Master (Unnamed)
Bounty Master This unnamed bounty master ran one of the disposal centers located in Fire Country region. The center was located in a secret area accessed through a men's restroom. Akatsuki member Kakuzu often used this center to drop off corpses of the bounties he had collected. The master would gladly pay Kakuzu for his services. He was later captured by Konoha and taken in for interrogation by Morino Ibiki.
Kakuzu's Accountant (Unnamed)
Accountant Former Akatsuki member Kakuzu was a bounty hunter and obsessed with wealth. He used the services of this businessman to manage his extensive wealth. After his death, Team Snake sought out the man to learn about Akatsuki's whereabouts.
Team Hawk
Team Hawk After Uchiha Madara revealed the true events behind Itachi's actions, Sasuke chose to side with the legendary ninja against Konoha. After that revelation, he changed the name of his team from "Snake" to "Hawk". The group then donned Akatsuki robes and set out to capture the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki for Madara.
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