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Taijutsu Fighting Styles
Konoha Senpuu Taijutsu techniques are the body and hand to hand skills of the ninja. To further their attack prowess, certain ninja will practice specific forms and styles of fighting. This section will detail these styles.
Hakke Rokujuuyonshou
Aum no Ansatsu Jutsu - Spirtual Balance Assassination Technique
Aum Character Use: Gouzu, Meizu
Rank: Unknown

The missing-nin Oni brothers from Hidden Mist utilize this form of fighting to assassinate their targets. The brothers wear large metal claws on their hands which have their blades dipped in poison. They also have a spiked chain that they run between themselves from one brothers arm to the others. They can use this blade to wrap around their target and rip them to shreads.

Gouken Ryuu - Strong Fist Style
Gouken Character Use: Rock Lee, Maito Gai
Rank: -

Gouken is fighting style utilized by Rock Lee and Maito Gai. Because Lee has almost no Ninjutsu or Genjutsu skills, he has devoted his training to mastering Taijutsu. To that end he must deal significant damage to his opponent to be able to defeat them. The Gouken form focuses on injuring the body and breaking bones, dealing primary damage to the outer body. Attacks like Konoha Dai Senpuu, Konoha Gouriki Senpuu and Konoha Shoufuu fall into this category.

Juuken Ryuu - Gentle Fist Style
Juuken Character Use: Hyuga Clan
Rank: -

Juuken is fighting style utilized by Hyuga clan members, it is the strongest style of Konoha. The Byakugan has a penetrating ability to see the tenketsu, the internal chakra coils system 361 pressure points. The clan member can use their fingers or palms to emit chakra to flow into their opponents body's at these precise points. When the hand draws close enough to strke, the clan member can stop or increase their opponents chakra flow. The internal chakra coils which spread throughout the body also wrap around the internal chakra producing organs. So if the internal coils are attacked, it also damages these internal organs. Because a ninja can not train their internal body, such damage can be a critical hit for even a highly skilled ninja.

Rakanken Ryuu - Achiever of Nirvana Fist Style
HouShou Character Use: Jiroubou
Rank: C

The Sound ninja Jiroubou has several Taijutsu attacks in his aresenal. These include HouShou (Demolishing Palm), a palm strike to the chest which is capable of knocking an opponent back approximately 30-40 feet. TokKen (Shoulder Thrust), a charging strike with his shoulder. ShouShitsu (Rising Knee) a hard uppercutting knee strike. ShouGekiShou (Rising Palm Attack), a hard thrusting palm attack that can send his opponent flying. AtsuShou (Pressure Palm), a powerful driving palm thrust. And finally GanGeki (Boulder Attack), another powerful fist strike.

Suiken Ryuu - Drunken Fist Style
Suiken Character Use: Rock Lee
Rank: C

Suiken is fighting style utilizing alcohol to loosen the body's muscles and the unstructured movements make the users attacks harder to predict. By being in this drunken state, the user can take more damage without feeling the pain, gain higher agility and provide a natural fluidity to their movements.

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