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Potential Bloodlines and Genetic Advantages
Bloodline Some characters in the world of Naruto exhibit abilities that seem to be unique genetic traits, going beyond the normal jutsu abililties of a ninja. These ninja will sometimes have physical characteristics that cause them to use jutsu abilities in unique ways.
Is Lee a Genius?
Deidara Hidden Village: Rock Village
Member Appearances: Deidara
Signature Abilities: Clay Manipulation

Akatsuki member Deidara is an artist at heart, and he uses his modeling clay to fashion animals which help him in combat. Deidara possesses two mouths on the palm of each hand. Deidara's unique palm mouths may just be a Hijutsu unique to him, similar to Kidoumaru's multi-armed spider traits. Withdrawing a bit of clay from his pouch, one of the mouths can consume the clay, imbue it with his explosive chakra and fashion it into a creature. Deidara will retain control over the item and can decide what actions the clay art will take. Deidara also uses clay in a unique exploding bunshin jutsu.

Hatake Kakashi
Kakashi Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Member Appearances: Hatake Kakashi, Hatake Sakumo
Signature Abilities: White Chakra

When Hatake Kakashi's father died, their family tanto was passed down to him. When both Kakashi and Sakumo used the tanto, white chakra would emanate from the blade and their body.

Shortly after becoming Jounin, Kakashi would use the tanto in battle and reveal his ability to give off the white chakra. Unfortunately the blade broke in battle and Kakashi was never seen to use it again.

Shodai Hokage
Shodai Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Member Appearances: Shodai Hokage, Yamato
Signature Abilities: Mokuton & Bijuu Control

Shodai Hokage had the unique ability to mold the Earth and Water elements simultaneously. This allowed him to create Mokuton, the Wood release element. This elemental style allowed Shodai to create and mold wood of many varied forms. Shodai also had the unique ability to control the Bijuu, the tailed beasts of the ancient world.

Shodai's genetic abilties were passed on to Yamato. Yamato was the only survivor of Orochimaru's horrific genetic experiments. Out of the 60 children, only Yamato survived. As he grew he gained Shodai's abilty to use both Mokuton and control Bijuu. None of Shodai's genetic descendants have shown the ability to use Mokuton and control the Bijuu. Neither Nawaki or Tsunade, Shodai's grandchildren, were seen to use these abilities. It should be noted that Nawaki died at a very young age, possibly before these abilities could have been developed.

Kagerou Hidden Village: Sound Village
Member Appearances: Kagerou
Signature Abilities: Ant-Lion Transformation
See also: Kamakiri, Jigumo

Kagerou has exhibited the ability to change her form. Kagerou is part of the Fuuma clan, it is unknown if any other members have this ability.

Kagerou has the one-time abiltiy to transform her form into a thin, chakra winged being which can extend her chakra to strike her opponents.

Sandaime Kazekage
Kazekage Hidden Village: Sand Village
Member Appearances: Sandaime Kazekage
Signature Abilities: Ability to turn chakra into magnetic fields

Expelling Satetsu
Sandaime Kazekage had the ability to change his body's chakra into magnetic fields. Seeing a previous Shukaku host manipulate sand, Kazekage surmised he could do something similar with tiny pieces of iron. He used this ability to develop "Satetsu" or Iron Sand. He could control this sand in any fashion he wished through the magnetic field. This allowed him to form weapons whenever he needed. This jutsu came to be known as Suna's deadliest, and granted him the honor of being called the greatest Kazekage.

Kazekage disappeared from his village after falling in battle to Akatsuki member Sasori. When Sasori reemerged years later to capture Gaara, he revealed his favorite puppet, Sandaime Kazekage. Sandaime had been made into a puppet using Sasori's "Hitokugutsu" method. This allowed Sasori to use all of Sandaime's jutsu, including his manipulation of the magnetic fields.

Kidoumaru Hidden Village: Sound Village
Member Appearances: Kidoumaru
Signature Abilities: Spider Traits

Kidoumaru's Spider Thread that emits from his pores
One of the Four Sounds, Kidoumaru has the ability to emit strong golden spider thread from his mouth and skin pores. Kidoumaru also has four extra arms which do not appear to be the work of a cast jutsu, as they still remain after he is unconscious. The second manga Databook states his techniques are secret techniques, rather than a bloodline ability.

Kidoumaru has used his spider threads to form weapons and threads to hold his opponents. He also has exhibited the ability to summon a giant spider.

Rock Lee
Rock Lee Hidden Village: Leaf Village
Member Appearances: Rock Lee
Signature Abilities: Chakra Gate Openings

Rock Lee Opening His Gates
Unable to use Genjutsu and Ninjutsu, Rock Lee pushed his physical limits to further his Taijutsu ability. Lee constantly strove to show that hard work could exceed the abilities of those with a bloodline genius ability. After making it to the preliminaries of the third round of the Chuunin Exam, Lee chose to open his Chakra Gates to beat his opponent at any cost. This forbidden technique pushes a body beyond its limits. Upon seeing this in action, Hatake Kakashi surmised that Lee might really hold a genius ability, as Lee was going beyond the limits of what hard work could grant a ninja.

By pushing himself beyond his limits Lee strained and injured his body. The actions of his opponent Gaara only served to damage Lee's body even more. Lee was told he could no longer be a ninja due to the extent of the damage, but the medical attention of Tsunade repaired his injuries. It is unknown if Lee will further use this technique.

Zetsu Hidden Village: Grass Village
Member Appearances: Zetsu
Signature Abilities: Plant traits

Akatsuki member Zetsu has the ability to merge and quickly move through the surrounding terrain, both plant and rock. Zetsu resembles a venus fly trap and his central self is divided into dark and light halves. Each half apparently retains a unique personality of its own and speaks with its own style. Zetsu also utilizes a range finding ability with his eyes which resembles the Byakugan.

Zetsu's unique abilties may just be a Hijutsu unique to him, similar to Kidoumaru's multi-armed spider traits. Zetsu also has been seen to consume the dead. It is unknown if this act has any other purpose than getting rid of Akatsuki's presence.

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